Sun Coast Hydraulic & Electric Mfg.

The Oda-Killa Odor Control System
destroys lift station and headworks odors.

Oda-Killa benefits are:
• Reduced wet well corrosion
• Very low power requirements
• No reoccurring chemical cost or storage
• Very quiet operation
• Easy install and low maintenance



Standard Features and Specs
• One year warranty
• Control panel built to UL 508A standards
• Incoming power surge arrestor
• Electrical requirements - 15A max at 120VAC
• Weatherproof low profile enclosure
• Manual control of O3 generation
• On-Site odor analysis
• On-Site system start-up and training
• All components are permanently labeled with
scratch resistant labeling
• Each control panel is thoroughly tested prior to

Optional Features
• Configuration for 208—480VAC applications
• Remote monitoring via SCADA
• Intrinsically safe process sensor circuit
• Auxiliary status and alarm contacts
• LCD Color touch screen for monitoring system
status, Historical trending, Historical alarm log,
and selection of Auto/Manual control
• Automatic closed loop control
• Extended warranty and lease programs available
• Stainless Steel or Aluminum enclosures
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Oda-Killa - Field Test Results

The Oda-Killa Odor Control System is proven to destroy lift station odors.
A small water/waste water utility was having odor problems at a medium size lift station that was located in a
nice neighbor hood. A few years ago, they had installed an air scrubber system designed to eliminate the
odor. The scrubber was about 30 feet tall and used several pumps and fans to operate. After the system
was installed, the odor complaints were reduced but the noise complaints increased dramatically. The
system had to shut down at night to stop the noise complaints.

After a few years of expensive maintenance on the scrubber, they decided to try adding chemicals into the
wet well to control odor. The chemicals helped reduce the odor complaints more than the scrubber.
However, they were spending a large amount of money every month on chemical refills.

To help reduce the monthly cost of chemicals, they decided to try the Oda-Killa . We analyzed the odor
problem by measuring the amount of hydrogen sulfide emanating from the wet well. This information was
used to help size the Oda-Killa system. The Oda-Killa system was packaged in a low profile non-metallic
enclosure so that it could not be seen from the street. The system installation utilized PVC pipe and one
induced draft fan.

Once the installation and start-up was completed, the hydrogen sulfide was measure at the exhaust of the
Oda-Killa system. The results are show below — Over 90% reduction in the concentration of hydrogen
sulfide released into the surrounding area. Since the odor control system was commissioned, there have
been no complaints about odor or noise.


Pictures from on-site